Cintiq 27QHD woes

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@krishnadraws), you know that I had to send my Cintiq 27 QHD (purchased about a year ago) back to Wacom. I’ve been without my Cintiq for approximately a week, as I patiently await its repair and subsequent return.

The issue at hand has to do with an anomaly on the screen itself. Namely what can best be described as “clouding”, where portions of the display show less luminescence than others. I’m meticulous about caring for my Cintiq. It’s my prized possession and I baby the heck out of it. When its not in use, I make sure to power the display off.

Here are a few photos to better document what I’m seeing:

As I rely on accurate color for my professional work, the clouding issue is more than just a minor nuisance. It’s a major distraction.

I sent photos to Wacom and they confirmed it was an issue that needed repair and that it would be covered under warranty. That part was a relief, but shipping the unit required an upfront cost on my part to the tune of $160. The display unit weighs in at about 35 lbs, and I added insurance coverage for its full retail value – as I wasn’t ready to take any chances on damage during transit.

At least Wacom will pay for shipping the unit back to me when it’s ready. As of this writing, I’m looking at not having it for at least another two weeks. Pro tip: keep your Cintiq boxes around. You’ll never know when you might need it. I highly advise keeping the boxes even after the warranty expires – just in case you need out-of-warranty repairs.

So how are the comics being made in the Cintiq’s absence? Through my iPad Pro 12.9″ model, with a program called Procreate and a few custom brushes. I still write the comics in Photoshop. The penciling and inking chores have been moved to the iPad Pro. Procreate features an “Export to PSD” option, which is what I use to integrate the drawings with the panels. I have more to say on the iPad Pro as a drawing device in an upcoming blog post.


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