Review: Bestek MRJ8008

You can never have too many electric outlets. At least in my case. But I’m probably not alone.

With the increased proliferation of gadgets and gizmos in a typical house, the limitations of the standard two port plug have never been more evident.

That’s usually where surge protectors or power strip extensions come in. Many of the more common units I’ve owned and tested over the years come in two general configurations: wall-mounted or floor-sitting. Both are adequate for regular use, but if you have a power strip or surge protector behind your desk, it can be potentially inconvenient to get to.

Some time back, Bestek approached me to review their surge protector / power strip (model MRJ8008). I was more than a bit intrigued. Now that I’ve had the device for over a month, I felt it was time to review the device.

The Bestek MRJ8008 is a desk mounted device with 8 power outlets and 6 smart USB charging ports. It retails for $40 on Amazon, and includes an 18 month guarantee.

The cube-shaped box includes the unit, a thank you card, and a small quick-start manual.

The MRJ8008 has a vertical design that’s 5.7 inches tall, and 4.8 x 4.8 inches at its base. It weighs about 2 lbs. The MRJ8008 is made with a dense, high quality fire-retardant plastic that feels sturdy, making it easy to grip and hold. The attached 6 foot power cord is thick (14AWG) and heavy duty.

The MRJ8008 offers surge protection (1500 Joules) with short-circuit, overload, and over temperature protection. It comes with 8 plug ports and 6 USB ports (each rated for 2.4A). There are three USB ports on either side of the unit.

Setup was about as easy as one can expect. Simply plug it in to a wall outlet and use it.

Now that we have an overview of the Bestek MRJ8008, let’s take a closer look at a few really cool features that liked.

The first is the inclusion of two independent on/off power switch buttons which lets users regulate or restrict power to their devices as needed. This is particularly handy for devices that continue to siphon power even when they are off. The unit also includes Protection and Grounded LED status lights. The second feature I like about the Bestek unit is the inclusion of socket doors for each plug point. If you have little kids around, this feature can keep them from sticking their fingers in and getting shocked. The caveat is that you have to exert a little more force when plugging a device in, but it’s a good compromise for the additional safety.

The third feature that makes this model worth considering are the USB charging ports. I tested the USB charging capabilities with my iPad Pro (12.9″ model) and a few family iPhones. Charging the devices went without issue. Charging a nearly dead iPhone 7 to full capacity took about an hour or so with the Bestek. A green LED indicator powers on when a device is plugged in. Thanks to the photosensitive induction function, the Bestek’s LED lights are easy on the eyes. This is particularly noteworthy if you happen to use your unit next to your bed.

In my day to day usage, I had absolutely zero complaints or issues with the Bestek MRJ8008. It’s sturdy, well built and does an excellent job at what it says it does. When plugging devices into the MRJ8008, it stays put. It also occupies a small footprint on my desk. Best of all, thanks to its reliable USB charging capabilities, I have eliminated the need to use the wall warts that come with my portable devices.

The Bestek MRJ8008 outlet / charger is an excellent value for what it does and earns 5 out of 5 Bob Weiners.

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