Review: Kenu Airframe Plus

After a year long dalliance with the TaoTronics Car Smartphone Holder, I’m back to using a Kenu. Long time readers will remember my review of the original Kenu Airframe. The original Airframe was a great product and I used it extensively for three years, before its clamping “jaw” mechanism broke.

So… why am I back to Kenu?

In a nutshell, the Taotronics holder’s spring mechanism, which holds the unit to the car vent, was starting to get too loose. I’ve experienced more than one occasion where the smartphone fell onto the car’s carpeted interior while driving. My wife complained of similar problems with her Taotronics holder, so we decided to ditch the units altogether.

This time around, I purchased the Kenu Airframe Plus, which sells for $25 on Amazon. Like its predecessor, the Kenu Airframe Plus shares the same basic clamping mechanism, which allows it to mount on a variety of car air vents. The Airframe Plus comes in two colors (white and black) and supports smartphones with screens up to 6″ (15.24cm) in size.

The box for the Kenu Airframe Plus is a little larger than the size of a matchbox.

The back of the box contains a pictorial quick start guide.

Inside the box is the Kenu Airframe Plus. This sucker’s small, especially compared to some of the other car mounts I’ve seen. It makes my Taotronics model feel clunky by comparison. The fit and finish of the unit I purchased was all black, which matches the interior of my car really well.

The spring tension on the Kenu Airframe Plus’s “jaw” is excellent. The “jaw” gives in with a little applied pressure, when you need to quickly remove the phone. I had no problem using the Airframe Plus with my iPhone 6s’s third party case. While mounted, the Kenu Airframe Plus holds the smartphone safely and securely. The Airframe Plus’ vent clamp, with its rubberized end, can be used in conjunction with an air vent. I was very impressed with the Kenu’s build quality.

If the need calls for it, the Airframe Plus can also make a satisfactory desk mount for your smartphone. Simply add a credit card to the rubberized end and your smartphone can be viewed at a comfortable 45 degree angle. My device is permanently cradled in the car, but it’s nice to know that the Airframe Plus can serve double duty on the desk.

The photos below show the device mounted on my car’s dash, by way of a circular air vent. The hold on the air vent is secure, but easy to remove if need be. Unlike the Taotronics unit, the Kenu Airframe Plus does not move or change angle, but I don’t look at that as a negative. It holds my iPhone 6s securely and the device is easy to read at a glance should I need to see the screen.

At $24.95 it’s not the cheapest car mount, but it does its job well and looks good doing it. The Kenu Airframe Plus earns 5 out of 5 Bob Weiners.

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