Flume for Instagram

Raise your hands if you’ve wished for an Instagram viewer on the Mac. Okay, me too. (I’m pcweenies on Instagram if you care to see my scribbles.)

While looking at my Instagram feed on my iPhone is convenient, there are many times where I want to view them from the comfort of my own Mac. Enter Flume for Instagram, by Rafif Yalda. This free Mac app lets you view your feed, tag favorite photos, and comment – all from the comfort of your desktop.

Flume lets you view your feed two ways: small tiles or large squares. The app can easily be dismissed or invoked by clicking on the Flume menulet on your Menu Bar.

Double-click an image to add it to your favorites. Right-click on the photo to bring up other options, including adding a comment, viewing a user’s profile, or even saving a photo.

Not a fan of using the mouse? Good news! You can use keyboard shortcuts to perform the same tasks. Flume does a good job keeping my feed updated when new posts occur. Right clicking on Flume’s Dock icon will give you even more options, including the ability to explore content, search, track direct message conversations, view your own Instagram profile and photos, as well as track the photos you’ve favorited. Flume gives users a tremendous amount of flexibility – from setting the refresh rate to update the feed to notification options.

Flume Pro gives users unlimited uploads and the ability to manage multiple Instagram accounts. It also provides the developer a means of supporting and maintaining his app. As a frequent Instagram user, I found Flume to be a useful tool, so I purchased a license to the Pro version.

Flume for Instagram earns 5 out of 5 Bob Weiners.

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