A Quick Look at Airmail 3

Airmail 3 was released a few days ago as a free upgrade for Airmail 2 users. Airmail has been my email client of choice since I switched away from Sparrow two years ago. Airmail 3 brings several new features that make it a worthy upgrade. (New users can grab Airmail 3 from the Mac App Store for $9.99.)


Airmail 3 sports numerous optimizations for El Capitan that make it even faster than before. Out of the box, Airmail supports iCloud, MS Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and Live.com.

The biggest (and most useful) new features of Airmail 3 are the inclusion of Smart Folders and VIP notifications. Smart Folders make it easy to find, say, all the emails you received within the past two weeks, or all emails that were sent to you filtered by your clients. VIP notifications can now be set to notify you when you receive emails from people that you identify as important. To make a sender a VIP, right-click the message in your InBox and select ‘Add to VIP‘. Best of all, Smart Folders and VIP settings automatically sync across all your devices via iCloud sync. In my testing, this worked like a charm.

Another new feature in Airmail 3.0 is “Send Later” which adds a time delay before sending out your email. Now you can impress your manager by sending emails at 3:45AM, if you prefer. Taking some cues from the iOS version, the Mac version of Airmail can now make full use of the trackpad, letting users use gestures (left and right swipe) to quickly triage your email.

My initial impressions of Airmail 3 are very favorable. Airmail has always handled my multiple email accounts in a simple and straight forward way. For me, the $9.99 upgrade to version 2 was worth it. With Smart Folders, VIP and iCloud Sync, I feel that there is even more value to be had with Airmail 3.


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