How to Play DVDs in Windows 10

One of the first things I tested in Windows 10 is DVD playback. Shortly after Windows 10 was officially released, Microsoft deployed Windows DVD Player.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to get it to play any commercial DVD.

Hopefully this will get sorted in a forthcoming Windows Update, but until then, I’m using VLC Player, from the VideoLAN organization. It’s a versatile playback tool, and the latest version works well with Windows 10.


Incidentally, when capturing the screenshot using Windows 10’s built-in Snipping Tool, I was unable to make File > Send to… work. It’s odd that Microsoft’s own screen capturing tool does not associate with the built-in Windows Mail tool. A rather odd error appears after the Snipping Tool is unable to execute the Send to… command.


Strangely enough, a trip to the Default Programs panel does, in fact, show that Windows Mail is assigned as the default application for mail. I’m chalking this up as another bug.


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