Review: iClever 6 Port USB Travel Wall Charger

Recently, on our trip to Italy, I packed no less than three separate chargers to simultaneously charge our smartphones and tablet. And with those chargers, I also had three different power adaptor converter cables to lug along. The iClever 6 Port USB travel charger would have helped eliminate some of the extra clutter – if only I had known about its existence earlier…

As its name suggests, the iClever 6 Port USB travel charger lets you simultaneously charge up to 6 devices. It’s listed as being compatible with Apple devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone), Kindle, Motorola, Blackberry, Samsung (Galaxy S6), Nexus and HTC, among others. Some of the major features of this device include:

  • SmartID technology – which identifies the connected device and determines a suitable charging rate
  • 50 W of output
  • compatible with 110 – 220V input voltage
  • Over-current, short-circuit, and over-temperature protection

The iClever 6 Port USB travel charger lists for $50 on Amazon, but as of this writing it’s on sale for nearly half that amount. I received a review unit, which I’ve lived with for the past 2 weeks. Did it work? I’ll get to that – but first, let’s see what comes in the box.

The packaging is clean and economical.


Inside the box, you’ll find the USB charging unit, a power cable, a warranty card, and a quick start guide. The included power cable is nearly 5 feet long, which is pretty good for setting up in a hotel room. The charging unit has some weight to it (11.4 ounces), allowing it to stand upright when used. Dimension-wise, it’s a tad larger than a pack of playing cards. The surface of the unit has a durable, rubberized feel to it – making it easy to grip. Its rounded form has clean aesthetics and looks good on the table. This isn’t some cheap, plastic bargain bin knockoff.



Setup was a plug and play affair. I really like that the power cable is detachable, but what I like even more is that the power cable is not a bulky power brick.


When plugged in, the iClever unit has a small green LED on the front of the display which illuminates. Underneath the LED are 6 ports, each rated at 5V/2.4amps. Other USB chargers have restrictions on which device plugs into a specific port. Not this unit. Each port on the iClever USB travel charger is capable of delivering full power regardless of the USB device that’s plugged in.


I have a few minor, minor niggles with the USB ports. First, it takes a tiny bit more effort to plug in and pull out USB cables at times. Second, I wish that the orientation of the ports were flipped, so that I can see the USB markings on the cable. (Every modern Mac accepts cables with the USB markings on the top.)

I simultaneously connected the iClever Travel Wall Charger to three iDevices: my wife’s iPhone 6, my iPhone 5, and our iPad Mini Retina. There were no issues in charging. Best of all, I didn’t need to hunt for any adapters. I didn’t run any specific timing tests to determine how long it took to charge a particular device – but in my day to day usage of the iClever Travel Wall Charger, charging appeared to be reasonably fast.

The iClever Travel Wall Charger is a solid device, and should fit the bill if you’re looking for a charging station that can handle multiple devices. Although its billed as a travel accessory, you can also use this anywhere you wish. Mine will stay on my office desk… until our next trip.

The iClever Travel Wall Charger earns a 5/5 Bob Weiners.

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