Window Snapping with Divvy

Windows 7 popularized window snapping, a feature that allows users to quickly position windows side by side. If you miss this feature on the Mac, there are several third party window snapping utilities available from the Mac App Store, including Cinch, Magnet, and Divvy.

I’ve been using Mizage’s Divvy for window management for several years. This application is available on both Mac and Windows systems, and retails for $13.99. No doubt, there are cheaper solutions than Divvy – but I’ve been using it for five years and it does what I need and does it well. (I’ve heard good things about Magnet, which runs a mere $1.99 – so have a look at that if you’re interested in a more affordable window management solution.)

I have four basic global keyboard shortcuts assigned to Divvy. These settings allow me to configure window positions on any active display.


Option-1: moves the window to take 50% of the screen on the left.
Option-2: moves the window to take 50% of the screen on the right.
Option-3: makes the window full screen.
Option-4: centers the content on the active display, revealing the desktop behind it.

I could assign more window position options if I ever needed to, but these 4 settings work really well for me in my day-to-day workflow.


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