Killing Clutter on Sites You Visit

What if this:


…could look like this?


Like most people, I have web fatigue. There are two types of sites – those full of ads and link bait articles – and those that aren’t. I just want to read content, without the noise and clutter of ads and link bait. I didn’t think I had any viable options…

…until I discovered the magic of “Show Reader View” in Safari. It’s made my daily surfing much more pleasant. Show Reader View is located to the left of Safari’s URL / Search bar. Click it and your content appears, sans clutter.

Here’s BGR as it looks to most people:


…and here it is with Show Reader View.


There’s a similar feature for users of Google Chrome, known as the DOM Distiller – an open source project created by the Chromium team. Firefox users can try Evernote Clearly, which offers a distraction free reading experience, with the added ability to save content to Evernote.

Show Reader View in Safari has changed the way I read and consume content. Maybe it will do the same for you…


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