Field testing the Yiynova P2X stylus

It’s difficult to really understand the impact of a product when you’ve had it for only a few hours. I tested the Yiynova P2X Premium stylus for a solid week before writing this review. It served as my daily driver for actual day-to-day work. But, truth be told, for me – the impact was felt almost immediately.

Normally, I’d save this for my conclusion, but here it is: If you own a Yiynova tablet monitor (U-series), you want this stylus. The P2X Premium stylus is head and shoulders much better in every way than the stylus that shipped with my Yiynova MSP19u.

But, as usual, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The P2X Premium stylus (hereto referred as P2X) retails for $70, but can be had for around $50 on Amazon. The package claims it will work with the DP10U, MSP19U, MVP22U and MVP10UHD models. It should also work for MVP10U / MVP10U IPS / MVP10U HD models. My testing of the P2X was with the Yiynova MSP19u model tablet monitor.

The P2X comes in a sturdy plastic box, with a built-in ruler on the side. Opening the box wasn’t obvious. (You have to tug at the small plastic lip located in close proximity to the replacement nibs.) Inside, you’ll find the stylus, 2 replacement nibs, and a nib puller. For what it’s worth, in my nearly two years of use, I’ve never once had to replace the nib on the original stylus.


The replacement nibs are arranged vertically on one side of the box…


…and the nib puller (which, at first blush, resembles a Hot Wheels die-cast tire) is located at the other end.


Here are the two stylii together. The old version (GEN1) is on the top, while the new P2X is below.


The P2X is slightly taller than the Gen1 model. Gone from the P2X is the rubberized plastic sheath and the extra bulk around the grip area. The P2X is a contoured stylus and fits very comfortably in my hands.

If the Gen1 can be described in one word, it’s “clunky”. The P2X, in comparison, is svelte. It feels like a sturdy product. Alas, there’s still no eraser on the P2X, but I don’t miss what I don’t use. The lack of an eraser might be a deal breaker for some, but if you’ve used the Yiynova for any length of time, you’ve probably gotten used to it by now.

The P2X clicker follows the contour of the pen; it works well for those cases where you need it. You won’t accidentally trigger the clicker like I found myself doing from time to time on the Gen1. The tips themselves are about the same. No real change there. It would be nice to have tips that have a little “spring” like the ones that come bundled with the Wacom models.


Like the supplied stylus that is bundled with the MSP19u, the P2X requires a AAA battery. To install the battery, you have to twist the barrel of the pen open, then install the AAA battery with the positive terminal facing up.


When I initially put the battery in, I accidentally placed the battery in the opposite direction. Given the snug fit of the battery, I had to gently tap the side of the barrel to remove it. If you look carefully on the side of the P2X barrel, you’ll see a small (+) indicating the correct method to align the battery. The GEN1 model was a bit clunky and delicate when it came to installing new batteries. Installing the battery in the P2X is elegant and simple. While I haven’t tested the P2X battery life yet, the GEN1 model gives me on average 7 to 8 months of usage before the battery needs to be changed out.


The last several PC Weenies comics were created with this new stylus, as was this piece – crafted over the weekend. I’ve posted a few videos of the new stylus in action on my Instagram account, if you’re interested.


The P2X stylus shows that Yiynova has been listening to its customers. Almost every one of my concerns and reservations with the GEN1 model have been addressed with the P2X. The P2X is far superior in both design and build quality. It’s comfortable to hold and draw with. I would recommend it without hesitation to current Yiynova U-series tablet users. In my testing, the P2X works fine with apps like Photoshop, Manga Studio 5, and Sketchbook.

Praise aside, there are still a few things on my wish list. First, I’d love to have a spring nib option. Second, I want some type of low battery status indicator. Finally, I’d like to see more active driver development. The Yiynova drivers (v1.26.3), in fact, work with Mavericks and Yosemite – but they’re pretty bare bones in terms of setting customizable options. The driver app ( also lacks the typical polish of a Mac app. (Perhaps Yiynova could contract a third party Mac developer to spruce the look and feel of the driver interface and bring it up to modern times.)

The Yiynova P2X stylus earns a solid 4 out of 5 Bob Weiners.


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  • Marko R√∂schmann
    March 1, 2015 at 6:51 am

    Hello Krishna,

    good review of the yiynova pen. Do you know if it support different pen angels as you can use in photoshop or corelpainter?

    Best regards

    • Krishna
      March 1, 2015 at 7:58 am

      hi Marko: The Yiynova supports different pen angles. I tested it just now with Adobe Photoshop and it works great!