Coming Up For Air

I’ve been busy for the last several weeks on a few client projects, which is why the blog has lain fallow for a bit. I have several hardware products on my review to-do list, but I’m in no rush to write them. Instead, I plan to spend more time putting the products through their paces before writing about them.

While I may not blog here as often as I’d like nowadays, I’ll make every effort to keep the new comics coming your way. In the meantime, here are a few images I’ve worked on in the past few weeks. Some of these have already appeared on my Patreon page, albeit in high resolution format (for wallpapers and such).





If you’re in the US, enjoy a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend. And if you’re not in the US, just lay low at work. :)

So what will I be doing? Relaxing, hopefully – as I quietly mark yet another year on this spinning rock we call Earth.



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