PC Weenies Goes Mobile with ComicChameleon!


Do you wish you can read PC Weenies on your iPhone or iPod Touch?

Well, here’s a bit of good news! Starting today, you can read PC Weenies comics on those devices, thanks to the fine folks at Comic Chameleon: Bernie Hou and Jason Gresh.

ComicChameleon is a free app that lets you view comics panel by panel, perfect for tiny screens like the iPhone.

Got an Android phone?

Alas, you’ll have to wait a little while longer. But rest assured: It’s forthcoming.

With today’s announcement, PC Weenies joins the pantheon of other popular comics, like Girls with Slingshots, Hijinks Ensue, XKCD, Dumbing of Age and Questionable Content on ComicChameleon.

Go check it out!


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