Adventures in Trading an iPad2

My quest to sell my iPad 2 and replace it with an iPad Air started this morning, when I drove over to Target to take advantage of a $200 trade-in offer for original iPad and iPad2 devices. To prepare myself for the experience, I erased all my apps and data from my iPad (after making back-ups, of course.)

Upon arrival, I learned that Target had no iPad Airs available in stock. And instead of being able to reserve an iPad via raincheck to take advantage of their deal, Target informed me that they had revised their policy on the trade-in. Instead of awarding a Target gift card that could be used at a later time, potential iPad traders were offered a $200 gift card that had to be used before leaving the store that same day, due to some obscure Florida law.

After wasting an hour at Target, I jumped on Gazelle, a site specializing in buying back older electronic gadgets.

The process was really easy: Pick the device you want to sell and state its condition. Gazelle returns a price. Print out the shipping label and pack your iPad and mail it off. Gazelle offered $160 for iPad 2′s in good condition, or $168 if I opted to go for an Amazon gift card instead (which I wound up doing).

I do plan on replacing the iPad 2 with a new iPad. At the moment, I want an iPad Air, but I also want to give the new iPad Mini Retina a fair go. I’m not in any rush now, but it would have been nice to have taken advantage of Target’s original iPad trade offer.

Were you able to take advantage of this deal? Sound off in the comments below.



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  • Venkat Reddy

    I was able to take advantage of the deal at Target. Traded in my 1st Gen iPad and got an iPad Air. Luckily they were still in stock.

    • Krishna M. Sadasivam

      Good score, Venkat! I wish I was able to get the same deal. How’s the new iPad Air?

      • Venkat Reddy

        Moving from 1st Gen to the Air you can really see how light and fast the Air is. I’m sure Target might have a similar deal out when the iPad Air mini comes out.

        • Krishna M. Sadasivam

          Cool. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I may pull the trigger on a Mini.