Return of the PC Weenies Reader Mailbag

Time for the second-ever PC Weenies mailbag. Think of this as the “Letter Column” you find in the back of a comic book. Got questions? Want to share an amusing tech tale of your very own? Share your thoughts and missives by sending me a note.

This email comes from Will, who wrote in to share a few of his tales from the front lines in IT support.

Hi Krishna,

I recently discovered PC Weenies when you filled in over at SFAM. Very glad I did — this is pretty much my life. I do IT support at (company name withheld), and one thing I do is support a psych survey site. I am the only person handling customer service for a few million users, so I thought I’d pass on a few horror stories.

Once, a guy from South Africa emailed me to ask me to print and ship several hundred thousand fliers. I explained that would be difficult given our limited resources and focus on psych research, not printing, but he said that was fine and tried to go ahead. Not sure who was trolling whom.

Another person wrote to confirm our helicopter reservation, and was absolutely serious. It really was a rental group with the wrong email, but they refused to accept it.

Last, someone wrote to us with a photo of the web page complaining that we had no register page. The register page was front and center, of course, so I just circled it and sent it back. Never heard from them again.

I hope you find these stories as funny as I did, after I stopped despairing of the human race.

Thanks again. I love PC Weenies.


Thank you for your note, Will! Your tales from the front lines will resonate (I’m sure) with more than a few readers of this blog. Super glad to have you as a reader!


P.S. Got a question for the PCW Mailbag? Write to me!

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