Three Months with my Yiynova MSP19u

Now that I’ve had a few months to work with my Yiynova MSP19u tablet monitor, I want to share some of my impressions. I re-read my review, and it still correlates with my experience so far.

One of my concerns was the potential short battery life of the Yiynova stylus. Three months in, I’m still using the same battery. My tablet monitor is still responsive as ever.

Drawing directly on the surface has made a HUGE impact on my work. I’m working much more accurately now – and much, much faster. Drawing this way feels far more natural to me, and I’m hitting Command-Z far less, due to the improved accuracy of my drawing strokes.

Because of the Yiynova’s limited display angle, I have to check my colors against my HP ZR24W 24″ IPS display to make sure they’re on point. Again, it’s not really a big issue for me.

Behind the scenes, I’ve been fielding several emails from readers and folks who have stumbled across the site by way of my review. Some folks were having issues with calibrating their stylus to the display. Others have reported a jittering effect when moving the stylus really slow across the surface of the Yiynova. I have been unable to replicate these effects on my setup.

To summarize, three months in – I’m still pleased as punch with my Yiynova MSP19u tablet monitor. Remember: There are two models – the MSP19 and the MSP19u. If you’re ordering, make sure you are ordering the MSP19u – it’s the better model.


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