PC Weenies Fan Art from Vince Dorse!

I’m gushing over a new piece of fan art that I received from cartoonist Vince Dorse, the creative mastermind behind the family friendly online comic Untold Tales of Bigfoot!

Untold Tales of Bigfoot is about the adventures of Scout and Bigfoot. It’s a serialized story, with a new page posted each week. You can start at the beginning.

I don’t have the opportunity to read many webcomics, but Vince’s comic is one that I follow each and every week. His characters are expressive and fun and his storytelling skills are crystal clear and engaging. Vince’s comic made the short list of the Cartoonist Studio Prize for best webcomic of 2012. It’s an honor well deserved!

Below you’ll see Vince’s killer take on Bob and Pam. Note the expressive poses and the sublime coloring. WOW! I’m seriously pleased with how nice this piece looks. For me, the best part of receiving fan art from artists I really admire is seeing how they interpret my characters. I think Vince’s take on Bob and Pam is the best yet!

PCWeenies VinceDorse

As a huge fan of Vince’s work, I created a special piece of fan art. You can see a snippet of it below, but the full piece is shown in all its glory on Vince’s site.

Untold Tales of Bigfoot!

So, what are you waiting for? Go read Untold Tales of Bigfoot now – and tell Vince, Scout and Bigfoot that Bob sent ya!


P.S. Vince has posted up a series of images documenting the process of creating the image you see up above. Take a peek!

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