An App Named Frank DeLoupe Can’t Be That Bad, Can It?

Frank DeLoupe is my best friend. And he’s a Mac app.

Why is Frank my best friend? Because he does one thing really well. I mean, really well. And if you live in Photoshop like I do, you might really like Frank, too.

Frank DeLoupe gives you a universal color picker that extends beyond the confines of the color picker supplied by Photoshop. Working with Adobe’s Remote Connections (available in CS5 or greater, via Edit > Remote Connections), Frank really makes selecting colors a breeze.

Remote Connections dialog

Simply invoke a user customizable keyboard shortcut (in my case – Control-Command-Q) and voila! – you’re presented with a magnifying glass. Hover your magnifying glass over anything on your desktop and it instantly becomes your foreground color in Photoshop. Frank DeLoupe also lives in your menubar for easy access.

Frank DeLoupe in action

Hit the Option key to make your selected color the background color.

Frank DeLoupe is under a dollar at the Mac App Store. It’s a must buy if you use Photoshop in a professional capacity. After all, 99 cents is small price to pay for friendship, isn’t it?


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