Another PC Weenies sticker sighting!

Reader Ben Wilson sent along a few pics of the (now sold-out) PC Weenies sticker. He wrote:


Attached are two photos showing my PC Weenies fandom and the awesome sticker on my old-ish Compaq laptop which I converted from Vista to Ubuntu, and am much better for it. Love the strip and I love the story you just finished as it shows a little more of the characters we love than just their tech habits.

Keep up the great work!

From Ben Wilson.

Here are the pics of Ben’s sticks, with a clever cameo of the PC Weenies “Rebootus Maximus” book thrown in for good measure. Nice!

PC Weenies sticker sighting

PC Weenies sticker sighting

Thank you for sharing these, Ben!

And if you were lucky enough to grab the first limited edition PC Weenies sticker when it was available, send a photo with yours to me at and I’ll run it on the blog!


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