free illustrated iPhone wallpapers for the taking

It’s not the PC Weenies, but I wanted to share a few iPhone wallpapers that I’ve created to use on my own device. Maybe you’ll want them for your phone?

Below is the image that I use for my Lock screen.


…and this is what I use for my Home screen. It’s subtle, but busy wallpapers usually make icons on the home screen more difficult to discern.


Here’s a photo of a poster I’ve made out of the above illustration:

final poster next to the process piece that spawned it


As a few large projects have wrapped up, I’m opening the docket for new commissions.

My prices are reasonable and you’ll get a swell piece of one-of-a-kind art to hang up, whether it’s for your smart phone, iPad or even a poster! I even draw custom avatars.

Just reach out! :)


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