Mentor Experiment: Week 5: Kyndra’s Critique: Hand and Arm Studies

kyndra_week5: hand and arm studies

A bit late on this critique, but above are Kyndra’s hand and arm drawings for this week’s assignment. Kyndra’s drawings are showing strong volume and the hands are expressive and give us a clear sense of the emotional state of the character. My visual notes are written in green, up above. When drawing the closed hand (aka fist), my suggestion to Kyndra would be to avoid parallel lines for the fingers. The other minor suggestion is to watch the finger sizes – the middle finger is usually the largest finger on a person. (Think of the fingers together as a wedge-shape).

All in all, Kyndra’s work is really shaping up. She notes that she used references to inform her design, and that really does show in her illustrations. Great work, Kyndra!


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