Mentor Experiment: Week 3: Kyndra’s Critique

Kyndra Week 3 Critique

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The Mentor Experiment critique continues – are you keeping up?

Today I’m analyzing Kyndra’s character designs. Overall, she did a terrific job! Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Her mad scientist character is a blend of sharp and smooth lines – my suggestion – use sharper angles for the arms if you’re playing up his ‘evilness’, or just go with rounded shapes / forms if he’s the nonthreatening, bumbling type. I really like how Kyndra lowered the horizontal eye line to emphasize the character’s braininess.

2. Her slender, evil queen design is solid – very clear silhouette – I really like this one.

3. The clumsy pirate – I like the pose and the overlap of his shoulder against his head. My suggestion to enhance this pose would be to bend the back a bit more – push the foreshortening of the arm closest to us, and to move the other hand back, to make the silhouette read better.

4. The shrewd / cunning but heavyset police officer. Love the pose on this – she nailed it! Minor suggestion – have a gap between the upper arm and the chin to make
the silhouette read even clearer.

5. Love the lazy cowboy figure. Rounded shapes show that he’s really not a threat – the hat over his eyes gives us a sense that he’s not particularly sharp, and his pose suggests laziness.

All in all, great work!!


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