Assignment 2 Critique: Barry

action poses: Barry critique

I’ve taken Barry’s action poses and applied my visual notes (in black). The main suggestion I have for Barry is to draw through the form using volume and to avoid using contour lines (aka outlines) to suggest the character’s form. Outlines, or contours, tend to flatten the image. By treating the elements of the body as volumetric surfaces that interlock and interconnect with one another, depth is implied. Overlapping forms against one another also gives the illusion of depth. Here’s what I mean:

Mentor Experiment

Barry is using his line of action – and it’s definitely helping his poses. The one ambiguous pose I found was the one on the top left. I surmised it was the punch, so I drew the punch on the lower left. We can see the two key poses – the fist ready to punch (left) and the punching arm fully extended – with the fist drawn larger than the body to suggest that it’s closer to us, thereby implying depth.

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  • Jose Gonzalez
    January 22, 2012 at 2:22 am

    Awesome. In many ways, my poses tend to follow Barry’s. I can apply your critique to mine, almost to a T. This is great! I think I’ll try volumetric surfaces…. what I’ve read to be shapes in some drawing books.
    Here are my poses (again) :)
    Thanks Barry and Krishna!