Singing the Praises of Wunderlist


I’ve never been a fan of digital task managers. I tried iCal’s ToDo list feature, but the big problem with it was its lack of synching between iPad, iPod Touch and my other Mac. For a while, I used the Hipster PDA, but the trouble with that approach was portability (or lack thereof) of my particular unit. In short, up until now, my methods of managing my tasks have never been practiced long term, because of the inconvenience.

Enter Wunderlist, by the Berlin software development team of 6Wunderkinder.

Wunderlist is a free, easy to use task manager that automatically syncs between iPad, iPod/iPhone and your Macs. It even works on Android and Windows platforms.

With Wunderlist, I can create or complete a task on any one of my devices and have my list concurrently reflected on my other devices.

You can also share your tasks via e-mail, manually order your list, and even add small notes to specific tasks. There’s even a Wunderlist web app you can try out.

How it Works

Download the Wunderlist app to each of your devices. Register your account on the Wunderlist website (it’s free!). Then start entering your tasks.

The Wunderlist UI is simple, clean and attractive. It’s consistency makes using it a breeze between different platforms.

What it currently lacks are two things:

  1. the ability to set up a repeating task.
  2. the ability to prioritize tasks (outside of manually arranging the list order)

For me, those two features aren’t really important. In fact, what I appreciate the most about Wunderlist is how simple it is to use. It doesn’t have a whole ton of features, which makes it very easy to manage.

How Good is It?

I’m very impressed by Wunderlist and have been using it daily for almost two weeks now. It’s portable, easy to use and works the way it’s supposed to. It’s improved my productivity tenfold, because I’m able to write down my tasks as I come up with them, and pull them up whereever I’m at. Wunderlist has integrated itself very nicely into my daily workflow.

So if you’re looking for a simple, easy to use task manager that syncs between your devices, Wunderlist should be on your list. Best of all, its free (and totally worth the download).


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