PC Weenies Super Sampler #3: Now on SALE!

At long last, we have the PC Weenies Super Sampler #3, available for sale as a PDF document for your digital reading pleasure. Here’s the low down:

PC Weenies Super Sampler #3

Full color.

Bob’s first day at Footle is off to a terrible start. Will he assimilate with the work culture at the world’s craziest search engine company? Will he even survive his first day?

Meanwhile, Grampa receives a surprise visit from a stranger in a strange land. Pam is convinced it’s a scam. Will she save Grampa from making the biggest mistake of his life?

23 pages chock full of comics – collecting, in proper sequence for the first time, two very popular storylines!

Only $1.99, and now available at The Illustrated Section!

Show your support – buy your copy today!


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