HyperDock: First Look

My new favorite Mac utility is a program called HyperDock, which extends the Dock’s capabilities manyfold.

Simply put, HyperDock is a preferencePane that lets you view a thumbnail preview and a textual description of the window when hovering your cursor mouse over the application’s icon on the Dock. As you’d expect, HyperDock works with both active and minimized application windows. When an application’s window is minimized in the Dock, a small gray minus sign appears in the center of the thumbnail preview.

HyperDock screenshots

Currently the application is in beta, and the author is accepting donations for his efforts. There will be a modest shareware fee after the program sees its official release.

HyperDock screenshots

In my brief usage, I have found HyperDock to be very useful in improving my productivity – particularly when I have several browser windows open across multiple desktops. In the weeks ahead I hope to have a chance to play around with many of the additional options and features the program has to offer.

As first looks go, though, I’m very impressed with HyperDock. I look forward to its official release.


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