The TGT Webcomics Interview!

If there’s one definitive show focusing on interviewing webcartoonists, it would be the TGT Webcomics podcast, with host Kurt Sasso. Last night, I had the pleasure of talking with Kurt and guest co-host Joel Watson. The conversation was informal in tone, but very informative and entertaining, and I had a blast (thanks, Kurt!). It wasn’t your typical interview, and that’s what made the episode a lot of fun for me to participate on. Webcartoonists may find the episode particularly interesting, as we talk about promotion, art school, the arduous process of self-publishing a book, and why Joel and I go with a digital workflow.

You can listen to TGT Webcomics via iTunes (it’s definitely worth subscribing to!), or if you prefer, you can grab said episode directly from the TGT Webcomics website.

As always, if you have any questions (whether it be about making comics, or the strips I draw), you can always drop me a line.



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