The Beardus Maximus Progress Meter

Several readers have asked me to update the progress of Beardus Maximus (details here). I’ve now devised a handy-dandy progress meter that I’ll update periodically so you can see how many books are left to sell before I shave my head, and wear a beard to surprise Aarti when I travel to India to meet her in December.

Rebootus Maximus books

Every copy of “Rebootus Maximus” that’s ordered will move the progress bar further up. The catch? Consecutive orders are needed. Every order that’s placed, is a day that my beard gets to enjoy sweet, sweet life. As of today, I have a 24 hour stay of execution before my beard meets the blade. Only YOU can prevent that!

The more orders I receive, the longer I am forced to wear this itchy beard. And you do want to see me suffer, don’t you?


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