Throwing it out there… Wacom Intuos3 for Sale

Wacom Intuos3

Wacom Intuos3

I’m planning to sell my Wacom Intuos3 tablet with pen in order to upgrade to the newest model, the Intuos4. The Intuos3 works great. The back of the tablet has my name on it, but is otherwise in excellent condition. If you’re interested in it, please contact me. I will also be including some original artwork (both pencil and ink) as added incentive to the person who ends up purchasing the tablet from me.

What you get:

  1. the tablet ( Intuos3 6 x 8 ) USB (works on Macs and PCs)
  2. cordless stylus with felt nib
  3. stylus holder
  4. PCW (or UNcubed) artwork!

Update: Tablet is sold!

If you don’t need a tablet, but would like to help me purchase one – you have several options:

1) Sign up for the PC Weenies Guest-Star service.

2) Buy a PC Weenies print. Only $10 plus shipping.

3) Hire me to create you a logo / avatar / custom album art.

4) Make a donation (via Paypal) of your choice via the button below. Donations above $10 will net you a pencil sketch of the character of your choice. Donations above $20 will net you an inked drawing (featuring two PCW characters of your choice).

Thanks a bunch!


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