The Mighty Colecovision!

This ad for Colecovision brought back a flood of memories for me.The Colecovision was my very first video game system. I got one for Christmas in 1982, from a department store called Caldor’s. The only way I was able to convince my parents to buy one was the fact that the Colecovision could be upgraded to a computer (the Coleco Adam).

The Colecovision was a great gaming system for its day. If only the video game crash of 1984 didn’t happen. Coleco may have been able to continue on to compete with Nintendo… I guess we’ll never know…

The fact that the Colecovision could be expanded upon with additional modules (a driving module, an Atari 2600 module, and a computer module) made it a very unique system.

I still have my Colecovision. Looking for more tidbits on the Colecovision? Check out the video below:


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